Cheap, quiet, cozy and charming. At the heart of Goiânia


Goiânia Palace Hotel: in the heart of Goiânia, in the heart of Goiás, in Brazil's heart.

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The Goiânia Palace Hotel is superbly located: close to all the city's attractions by foot.

See how to get to the Goiânia Palace Hotel below:

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: - 16.675183

Longitude: - 49.259283

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In addition, the hotel is located on the main avenue of Goiânia (Avenida Anhanguera): it cuts the city from one extreme to another, and this facilitates the access to all who come into the city from the most diverse places.

This avenue permits entry and exit from the city easily, and it crosses major avenues and neighborhoods of Goiânia.

See on our virtual map how to reach the hotel. You may print it down.

In the center of the city, where the Goiânia Palace Hotel is located, you are close to everything by foot (you might leave your car at the parking): Art Deco tour, cinemas, theatres, parks, banks, state and municipality services, shopping malls, universities and restaurants.


Here are some maps




Map 1 - Distances between Goiás and other Brazilian states


Map 2 -  Distances between Goiânia and other cities of the state of Goias and Brasilia

There is a bus stop opposite the hotel, to facilitate getting around town
Some distances from the hotel:


- Convention Center: 3 blocks
- Goiania Theatre: 3 blocks
- Park Lago das Rosas: 3 bus stations
- Ginásio Rio Vermelho: in 3 blocks
- Banana Shopping: 7 min walk
- Bus station: 5 blocks
- Airport: 15 minutes by taxi
- Feira Hippie: 6 blocks
- Feira da Lua: 15 minute walk
- Park Bosque dos Buritis: 4 blocks
- Praça Cívica: 3 blocks

Goiânia Palace Hotel - The Art Deco Hotel
Avenida Anhanguera, 5195, Centro CEP 74043-011
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